We specialise in musculoskeletal injuries, fitness, neurodegenerative conditions and chronic pain syndromes. Wether you are looking for pain relief, rehabilitation treatment, weight loss or general wellbeing, we can help you! With a vast combination of treatments that we offer in our clinic, we can definitely find the the right treatment for you. 

Bespoke treatments options and packages for each individual.


Our Roots

BodyWorks Injury Rehab Clinic is a specialist clinic working with patients who have musculoskeletal ailments. Our practitioners are qualified with chiropractic masters degrees as well as many others qualifications, ensuring you have the best of care. 
Combining treatments such as massage, acupuncture, instrument assisted and bespoke personal training, we are able to help you achieve optimal health, wellness and rehabilitation. We also have a wide range of equipment that you can use at home to allow you to keep engaged with your treatments outside the clinic. Wether your goal is fitness, weight loss, rehab or general fitness and wellbeing, we have the solution for you! Contact us today if you have any questions or book a consultation!

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