Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Treatment

Great to get your strength and fitness back after nerve injuries

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8 Week Neuromuscular Rehab Programme 2x Neuromuscular rehab training sessions per week 1x Neuromuscular rehab treatment session per week Neuromuscular disorders affect muscles and the nerves that innervate or control them. Most of these diseases are incurable, however, by carrying out the correct rehab treatment and training, we are able to improve and maintain quality of life as well as maximise physical functions. What we will do: We will carry out a Neurological Assesment to ascertain the degree of injury. We will create a bespoke treatment plan consisting of specialised rehabilitation exercises. We will create a specialised cognitive training programme to aid with neurplasticity of the brain to help with better, controlled movement. This 2 month package will consist of an initial consultation with an assessments and a customised treatment plan that will be assigned to you, as an individual. We will then schedule two specialised training sessions a week for the duration of the 8 weeks and one session per week of rehab treatment. Progress will be measured each session and home care advise will be given and reviewed weekly. What types of neuromuscular disorders can we help with? Multiple Sclerosis Myopathies Radiculopathies – such as herniated, prolapsed discs etc Peripheral neuropathies – sensory changes in hands and feet due to an existing disease or condition Parkinsonian traits Previous strokes Dyskinesia Cerebellar dysfunction – balance, coordination, proprioception Hypermobility syndrome And many more… Contact us today to book a consultation or discuss any queries you may have

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